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Beloved O Positive director, Jun Diaz’s uncanny ability to nap anywhere has been attributed to growing up traveling to various parts of Southeast Asia and East Africa with his parents, four siblings and a neglected piano.

He moved to the US to pursue his dreams to direct your commercial with a degree in English Literature at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. [Dave Chappelle moved to Yellow Springs a few years after he graduated from there. Coincidence? Who can say? No one. Especially not Dave. No need to bother him with this one.] He started his filmmaking career as an editor where he delighted in how films truly come alive in an edit room and the call times are civilized. He edited documentary films like American Movie and The Kid Stays in the Picture and also cut commercials at the venerable NY post house, Mackcut. He learned to make peace with the call sheet and made his way on set as a director, and discovered it was every bit as glamorous as promised. The privilege of getting to work with the bestest and brightest people like you and all the mystery-branded gummy bears you can eat.


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